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Vegetarian jokes are funny, and we are all fortunate that Jim McDonald is able to tell vegetarian joke after vegetarian joke without getting tired. There are so many vegetarian jokes in this bit. I got to admit, sometimes when I see a joke vegetarian, I do seem to get a little aggravated, the reason I do is because joke vegetarian people act as if they are standing for a cause, but then eat meat when no one is looking. These joke vegetarian people, are the butts of the jokes vegetarian people make. I also love other jokes vegetarian people make, and Jim McDonald is able to provide us with that in this bit. If you like jokes about vegetarian, then this bit is probably going to make you laugh. I personally love jokes about vegetarian, because I love food. Funny vegetarian jokes are always my favorite vegetarian jokes. If the jokes aren’t funny vegetarian jokes, then the jokes are not worth it in my opinion. For more hilarious stand up comedy, and to increase your daily funny, please subscribe to StandUpBits!